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Frequently Asked Questions

How does rewardStyle work?

Today, RewardStyle works with thousands of retailers and influencers, and it’s one of the foremost fashion marketing platforms. RewardStyle offers two main revenue streams for publishers that have been accepted to their platform: affiliate commissions and collaborations. I’ll go over how each one works in this article!

Is rewardStyle an affiliate program?

As a small textile brand who works with many designers, we looked into rewardStyle…and have just been accepted — but from the advertiser side! Loved reading about your experience and learning how we can better support our designer customers (who are also influencers and bloggers!) through creating an affiliate program they can easily plug into.

How do I install the rewardStyle plugin for WordPress?

Step 1: In your RewardStyle dashboard, go to My Account > Help Center. Step 2: When you get to the Help Center, click on the Getting Started button. Step 3: Next, under the Widgets + Tools section, click on the “See All 11 Articles” link. Step 4: Then, click on the RewardStyle Plugin for WordPress link.

How do I add rewardStyle links to my blog post?

The simplest way to add RewardStyle links is by including in your blog post text. You can use “Link Ninja” to generate RewardStyle-enabled links on the fly in your browser from any member retailer. You can create various image-based widgets to entice readers to click your links.

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