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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you redeem Southwest Airlines?

How do I redeem my Southwest LUV Voucher? Each LUV Voucher has a 16 digit voucher number and a security code. You can enter these into the booking flow pictured below as a form of payment when making a reservation on You can also provide the voucher number and security code to a Southwest Agent if you're booking over the phone.

How to use reward points for Southwest Airlines?

redeeming a reward flight. Book with points is easy: Log in to your Rapid Rewards account on the® homepage. Enter your flight information and view fares in points. Select your flight, review the price and schedule. You’re ready to check out! Input your information and then purchase the flight. Simple enough, right?

How many points do you need for a free flight on southwest?

How many Southwest Rapid Rewards points do you need for a free flight? Generally speaking, you need about 3,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards points to book a flight that otherwise has a $49 cash fare.

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