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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Opinion Rewards?

The Google Opinion Rewards app works with many famous brands, including Lowe’s, Ikea, Chili’s and many others. It offers surveys like opinion polls, hotel reviews, merchant satisfaction surveys and more. Users get rewards for their efforts with cash or Google Play credits. How Much Can You Make from Google Opinion Rewards Online Surveys?

What is rewarding your opinions?

Rewarding Your Opinions was formerly known as Air Miles Opinions. Rewarding Your Opinions is an invitation-only panel. You must be a member of the AIR MILES Reward Program to join the panel. The panel's goal is to provide quality data and insights. To achieve this, they may from time to time ask questions of a sensitive or controversial nature.

What is valued opinions?

Sign up today to start earning! Valued Opinions is a market research panel that offers our valued members great rewards and gift vouchers in exchange for taking surveys. Getting started is easy, fill in just a few details and you could earn rewards today.

How long does a rewarding your Opinions Survey take?

Rewarding Your Opinions surveys vary in length, but commonly take only 5 to 20 minutes to complete. Each survey will alert you to the expected time it will take to complete, the response deadline, and the number of points you stand to gain.

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