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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Microsoft rewards really work?

Yes, they work. I've exchanged ~7k points for 10€ gift cards for the Microsoft Store a couple of times. I use them to buy the pro version of apps I like or to make donations for the devs. When Groove was still a thing I used to exchange points for monthly subscriptions.

Why is Microsoft rewards so good?

Microsoft Rewards offers free stuff when you search, shop, or play with Microsoft. But let's find out if it's worth your time. Rewards schemes are a great way for companies to reward brand loyalty. Microsoft is no exception, and since 2010 it has offered a pretty decent rewards scheme to incentivize using its products.

Is using Microsoft rewards worth it?

While there is no financial cost associated with the Microsoft Rewards program, there is still a significant cost to your personal privacy. Whether you should join is a matter of preference.

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