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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the research methods in education?

Research Methods in Education introduces research methods as an integrated set of techniques for investigating questions about the educational world.This lively, innovative text helps students connect technique and substance, appreciate the value of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, and make ethical research decisions.

What are the five main parts of Educational Research?

Its five main parts cover: the context of educational research; research design; methodologies for educational research; methods of data collection; and data analysis and reporting.

What is the role of theory in Educational Research?

The role of theory in educational research Virtual worlds, social network software and netography in educational research Using secondary data in educational research Statistical significance, effect size and statistical power Beyond mixed methods: using Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) to integrate cross-case and within-case analyses.

What do you think about the book The survey of Educational Research?

I purchased the book as a requirement for my Survey of Educational Research doctoral class. It is insightful and an easy read. the book contains a wealth educational research information, glossary of terms, and examples. It is a definite keeper for future doctoral classes.

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