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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the rently app cost?

At $30 for the app and $30 for each lockbox, Rently was more expensive than competitors.

How do you know if a rental application is a scam?

Scammers could also pretend to be a renter interested in a sublease or lease with a small-time landlord, aiming to get financial information. If they have no interest in learning more about the property or coming to see it first, it may be a scam. You want a landlord or property manager who seeks reliable tenants.

Is technology being used to trick renters out of their money?

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- It's a new twist to a rental scam; technology is being used to trick unsuspecting renters out of their money. You find a place to rent, and when the person claiming to be the owner actually gets you into the home to check it out, you think you're dealing with someone legitimate.

Is rently a good company to use?

The company has a "B" rating with BBB, due to 24 complaints ranging on a variety of issues. The BBB has issued an alert on the company. Rently provides a self showing technology to property managers. Our system allows registered renters to view properties listed on the system without an appointment.

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