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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is rent so expensive in the UK?

Many landlords have paid high prices for the properties that they are letting, which means they must charge higher rents in order to recoup those expenses. Areas with costly housing markets typically charge high rents as well. If home values in the UK drop in the future, it's possible that rents will decrease as well.

What is the best way to find a house for rent?

Government-sponsored housing resources are valuable as well. A viable option for finding apartment rentals is to visit local state-sponsored websites such as the New York City Affordable Housing Resource Center, and

What is considered rental property?

To the Internal Revenue Service, a residential rental property is any property that you own and rent out to other people. It can include a single house that you rent out, a vacation home that you rent on a weekly basis, half of an owner-occupied duplex or even a large apartment complex with hundreds of units.

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