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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you rent a car and use it for Uber or Lyft?

You can’t use a Lyft rental to drive for Uber. That is a major disadvantage of the program because Uber’s rentals don’t always make the same prohibition. So if you want to rent a car and drive for both companies it may be a better idea to go with an Uber rental program.

Does anyone rent a car to do Lyft or Uber?

Rideshare companies will take anybody with a driver's license and a clean background check. Today people use their own vehicles for rideshare driving. Sometimes though, Uber and Lyft drivers will buy, rent or lease a car for the sole purpose of rideshare driving.

Should you rent a car or buy one for Uber?

If you're located in or near a big city, then renting a car for Uber might make sense. However, if you're in a rural area or an area where Uber and ride hailing apps in general aren't popular, then renting a vehicle isn't going to be worth it. Another tip is to compare different rental companies.

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