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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy insurance when renting a car?

You must have insurance when you rent a car. You have the option to either purchase the insurance offered by the rental car agency or if you personal policy extends you have the option to use your own personal auto insurance coverage.

How much is it to rent a car for a month?

The average monthly rental cost is about $1000 but you can rent a car for a month for 300 if you know how to get better rates. Can I lease a car for 100 a month? With most car rental companies charging about $50 daily, it will be difficult to get a car for 100 a month unless it is a lease.

What is the cheapest car rental?

Hotwire and Kayak’s opaque bookings tied for the cheapest week-long rental, while Skyscanner and Easy Rent Cars were the cheapest options for the 3-day rental. For both of these examples, Costco Travel and Amex Travel were by far the most expensive.

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