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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Yardi own or manage any properties listed on rentcafé?

Yardi does not own or manage any properties listed on RENTCafé, does not act as an agent or broker on behalf of Client in connection any properties listed on RENTCafé, and does not enter into rental contracts for those properties.

How does rentcafe work for apartments?

Outside of its property management and marketing software, RENTCafe also serves as an apartment listing site. Prospective residents can view detailed property information, including floorplans, photos, and amenities. They can also contact the property, schedule a tour, or apply for an apartment directly through RENTCafe.

Who is the owner of randomrentcafé?

RENTCafé is owned and operated by Yardi. Since 1982, Yardi has been dedicated to the design, development, and support of property management software.

Is Yardi liable for contracts entered into between renters and client?

As a result, Client and Yardi agree that Yardi will not be liable under any circumstances for contracts entered into between Renters and Client or any other interactions between Renters and Client.

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