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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay rent through rentcafe?

RENT. Café. Auto-pay . Requirement: A payment method must be setup (Credit Card or bank account (ACH). Debit cards are not allowed at this time . Auto-pay is designed to “Pay What You Owe” or your full account balance on a monthly basis. How to setup Auto Pay . 1. Select the Auto-pay Setup menu item 2. Select the Payment Account 3.

Does rentcafe charge a fee?

Will a convenience fee be charged? Yes, when using a Credit card, the $3.00 fee will be applied. What happens if my account balance is zero or less? No payment will be processed for the month. When will my payment be applied? Payments will be reflected on your account the following day in the early morning. (similar to other online payments)

How to install rent manager?

Rent Manager has changed the face of our business and continues to be an asset for our team and our clients. Resources Support Submit a Feature Request Submit an API Support Request Remote Assistance Install Rent Manager Online Install Scan Manager Training Calendar Virtual Classroom Enrollment Rent Manager Blog Beyond Rent Podcast

How to use rentcafe? helps you save time and manage your new rental effortlessly, from anywhere. Log into your Resident Portal, make and keep track of rent payments, maintenance requests, and lease renewals. Have your apartment information and services at the tip of your fingers.

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