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Frequently Asked Questions

Can tenant insist on paying rent in cash?

A common reason that tenants offer cash is that they have bad credit. Offering to pay in cash - especially paying in advance - earns that applicant a pass on a tenant credit check. The landlord won't know this person's true financial situation for several weeks - and by then it's too late to avoid income loss.

Can I pay the rent in cash?

Cash Rental Payment Precautions Never send cash payments through the mail. It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes things get lost in the mail. ... Hand cash to an authorized recipient. Give your cash payment directly to your landlord or to a property management staffer authorized to accept it. ... Don't leave without a receipt. ... Keep rent receipts in a safe place. ...

Can landlords require online payment for rent?

While you're still under lease, you are protected by its terms, and the landlord cannot change its terms and require you to pay online. However, if the lease does not specify that payment is to be made only by cash or check, and the landlord requires that you pay online, there is nothing preventing him or her from enforcing the lease as written.

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