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Frequently Asked Questions

How to borrow Kindle books from your library?

How to borrow library books on your KindleKindle library books: Start local. Borrowed books behave more or less like regular borrowed library books. ...Visit your local library’s website. This is step one. ...Sign in via the Kindle web browser. ...Use an app like Libby. ...Lend Kindle books. ...Another option: Project Gutenberg. ...

How do I remove a book from my library?

How to remove a book from a collection:Switch to your Educator profileSelect ' My Library 'From the collections tab, you will see your collections listed > Select the collection you would like to editFrom here, you will see a list of the books in your collection > To remove a book, hover your cursor over it and an 'X' will appear in the ...More items...

How to delete books and documents from your Kindle library?

You can go to the section of Amazon to manage your Kindle Fire, then follow these steps:Select the “Show” menu, then choose “Docs“.Select the “Actions” button next to the book you wish to remove.Choose “Delete” from library if you wish to remove permanently it from the site and your Kindle Fire.

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