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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Rediffusion ®?

Over the years Rediffusion ® turned into a multi-national conglomerate with over 170 UK branches and multiple divisions throughout the world, with the business expanding into a wide range of electronic and manufacturing companies, including telecommunications, computer systems, business electronics and television Manufacturing.

What is redrediffusion Services Pte Ltd?

Rediffusion Services (S) Pte Ltd was formed in 1974 with the objective of providing a number of other services. For instance, the installation and service of Central Antenna Television (CATV) systems for a number of HDB and private flats, providing sharp intenerence free reception of television programmes.

What is Rediffusion cable?

Rediffusion Cable A Rediffusion junction box installed in the exterior wall of a London house Rediffusion also offered a low-bandwidth cable TV and radio distribution system. This was based on connecting homes with multiple twisted-pair cables.

When was redrediffusion founded?

Rediffusion was the trading name of Broadcast Relay Service Ltd, founded in 1928 by Joshua Farr Powell (1871–1946). In 1929 the company introduced its first cable radio service in Hull to customers frustrated with the difficulties of tuning in weak radio broadcasts.

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