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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy authentic baseball jerseys?

Baseball jerseys are almost exactly like what you would find in the Authentic section of the store, but sometimes they’ll add Velcro beside the buttons to keep the jersey in place. You’ll be hard pressed to find these unless you know someone, buy it from a team’s store in their “Used Gamewear” section, find a really good deal on eBay, etc.

How can you tell if an MLB jersey is real?

You can clearly see the name plate on the road jersey, and you’ll also notice an MLB logo at the top of Julio Franco’s jersey. This small detail was added in 2000. So, if you see a 1989 jersey with that MLB logo on the collar, it’s a fake! If you have a blank jersey, feel free to get it customized.

Where can I get a full dye sublimation baseball jersey?

Triton offers 100% custom full dye sublimation baseball jerseys, custom baseball uniforms, and custom baseball apparel handmade to order. We offer the ability to create virtually any design with our nine design categories with free design work crafted by your own personal designer.

Are football jerseys actually issued by the team?

These jerseys were actually issued by the team. In the case of football jerseys, they’re likely to be a completely different fit, and they’ll be significantly longer (to avoid the jersey being pulled out while tucked in) than what you’d find in a store.

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