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Frequently Asked Questions

Is RedState news bias?

Analysis / Bias. In review, RedState is a conservative news and opinion website that publishes content with a borderline extreme right-wing bias. Nearly every article utilizes strongly emotional wording such as this: The Press Screwed The Pooch Covering The Collusion Hoax So Why Are They Congratulating Themselves.

Is RedState Conservative?

RedState is an American conservative political blog. It functions as an opinion-based discussion forum and group blog for a variety of conservative activists.

Is red state conservative?

Given the general nature and common perception of the two parties, "red state" implies a conservative region or a more conservative American, and "blue state" implies a more liberal region or a more liberal American.

What is red state talk radio?

RokuGuide Channel Description:Red State Talk Radio is self-described as "America's Premier, Grassroots, Conservative Talk Radio Network" and features nationally-recognized and regional talk shows. The Roku channel features a live audio stream of their daily broadcast.

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