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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Red Robin take reservations?

While Red Robin does not take reservations, some Red Robin restaurants offer the ability for guests to add their names to the waitlist prior to arrival. If you wish to potentially add your name to the waitlist, visit You will be taken to a webpage that looks like the image below or something similar on mobile.

Does Red Robin deliver food?

Today, Red Robin is partnering with Grubhub to offer food delivery straight to your door. But they got their official start back in 1969, when a modest tavern in Seattle, WA called Sam's Red Robin changed hands. New owner Gerry Kingen dropped the "Sam's" and expanded the menu from pub fare to all-American comfort food like burgers and fries.

Where is the nearest Red Robin restaurant?

announced today that Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group , a Red Robin franchise with 20+ locations in Pennsylvania, is now using the Landed app to automate the process of finding, screening and hiring ...

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