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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best meal at Red Lobster?

Many have enough calories and fat to be considered a meal. One of the best options at Red Lobster is the Signature Shrimp Cocktail. It’s low in carbs, calories, sodium and fat, and is rich in protein.

What is the best thing at Red Lobster?

The Best and Worst Menu Items at Red Lobster Appetizers. "This appetizer wins by default because the other options within this category are all very high in calories, sodium, and fat," Price says. Soups. ... Tasting Plates. ... Shrimp & Classic Combos. ... Globally Inspired. ... Bakes & Combos-Lobster. ... Bakes & Combos-Crab & Seafood Bakes. ... Fish. ... Land & Sea. ... Desserts. ... More items...

Does Red Lobster have a vegan menu?

Dining Out Vegan. Red Lobster has little in the way of vegan-friendly options. Nearly every dish is seafood-based. Pescatarians -- vegetarians who eat seafood -- and even strict vegetarians can easily navigate the menu, but vegan guests may be able to devise a meal with some modifications to the menu items.

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