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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to recycle batteries?

Article SummaryX. The best way to recycle batteries is through a recycling program, and you can locate facilities by looking them up online. In North America, call your local pharmacy, office supply store, or hardware store to ask if they participate in Call2Recycle, and drop off your batteries there if they do.

Can you put batteries in the recycling bin?

Batteries should never be put in the recycling bin or in your waste bin. Rechargeable batteries and lithium ion batteries are hazardous and could produce sparks that may start a fire in the trucks or recycling facility. This includes batteries in laptops, mobile phones, power tools and cameras.

How do you dispose of batteries?

Disposing of Different Types of Batteries Throw away or recycle alkaline batteries. Dispose of car batteries at an auto parts retailer or hazardous waste collection site. Take rechargeable batteries to a recycling facility. Donate or recycle lithium-ion batteries.

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