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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the DK Records label?

This label is no longer active, when entering new releases that say DK Records with a number in front of it, eg. "12345678 DK Records", it is likely referring to Distrokid who's a distributor only and should be credited to them, NOT to this label. See this discussion about the topic.

Who are the artists on DK Records?

Each record released on the label has its own look and even musical direction which on the contrary to many other labels is the some what confused identity of DK. Some of the artist involved are, to mention a few: Adam Beyer, Jori Hulkkonen, DJ Sneak, John Selway and Alexi Delano.

How do I find my record label name on DistroKid?

If you don't specify a record label name when uploading to DistroKid (you must have the Musician Plus or Label plan to do so), your record label may be listed as a number, followed by "Records DK". That information isn't really used for anything.

What is the history of DK?

See this discussion about the topic. DK was started 1997 by Jesper Dahlbäck and Thomas Krome as a result of the lack of labels who could release their first record ,a tech-house piece called "The Real Jazz".

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