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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about MOS 51C reclassification?

MOS 51C Reclassification packet contents: Statement from the Soldiers Retention NCO or Career Counselor stating that the Soldier has been counseled and that the Soldier has been informed of the prerequisites for reclassification to MOS 51C. DA 4187- Personnel Action (must indicate TIS in years and months) (see example).

Is there a USAR 51C NCO reclassification?

The USAR reclassification program is available to qualified Reserve Component NCOs that are eligible and in either the Troop Program Unit (TPU) or Individual Ready Reserve (IRR). There is no USAR 51C NCO Active Guard Reserve (AGR) program; there are only TPU 51C NCOs.

How do I reclassify from MOS to 12D?

Complete a Personnel Action, DA Form 4187, indicating that you want to reclassify (if greater than one year left in service) as an Engineer Diver, MOS 12D. 8. If the Soldier has less than one year left in service before ETS, he or she must reenlist for MOS 12D.

Do NCOs have to reenlist after reclassification?

NCOs MUST serve an additional 60 months upon completion of reclassification training. NCOs must reenlist to meet the 60-month requirement prior to course attendance. NCOs who have not taken action to meet SRR within 30 days of course attendance will be dis-enrolled.

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