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Frequently Asked Questions

What does recertify mean?

Definition of 'recertify'. recertify in British. Former members of the armed forces would be able to be retrained and recertified as teachers or police officers. The film has been sent back to the censor board to be recertified.

How often do I need to recertify?

The government only requires you to recertify your income and household size once a year, but you can do it more often if needed. For example, if you're laid off and you have to accept a lower-paying job, you can recertify your income early and get a reduced monthly payment.

What does recertification mean?

Recertification refers to the process which allows FEMA to review the occupants' plans for moving into permanent housing and to determine the continued need for temporary housing. To date, there are nearly 40,000 occupants to be recertified.

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