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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you read offline with Kindle app?

This often overlooked app has always been a great back up option for reading Kindle ebooks. You could use it to peruse the notes you’ve made in Kindle ebooks, and it even had an offline mode which would store ebooks locally so you could read them when you were offline. Or at least it used to have an offline option; there’s a report over at MobileRead that this feature has disappeared: Kindle cloud reader offline doesn’t work anymore. The “Cloud” and “Downloaded” tabs have ...

How to read Kindle offline?

Kindle Cloud Reader Offline Safari. Safari is pre-installed and updated as the part of MacOS. That's why Safari is the first choice for many Mac users. To enable kindle offline reading on safari is almost the same as on Google Chrome. Log in to Kindle Cloud Reader, and you will see the kindle offline set up notification. Just click on "Get ...

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