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Frequently Asked Questions

How to deal with multiple checkboxes in react?

In React, while creating different forms, developers often have to deal with multiple checkboxes. In doing so, they may need to dynamically add and remove the data from the state. This can be done in multiple ways. In this post, I will showcase one of the easy ways to go about this problem.

How to update checkbox's state using React onchange event in HTML?

Define React onChange event in HTML checkbox element and set the checkbox value in it. When updated by user, this method will update the checkbox’s state. onChangeApple = () => { this.setState(initialState => ({ isApple: !initialState.isAvocado, })); } Go to src/App.js file and add the following code for checkboxes demo:

How do I get an array of checked checkboxes in react-hook-forms?

A working solution is to trick react-hook-forms into make the name an array, e.g., colors.0, which gives me an array of the checked checkboxes, but this feels like a hack. Left-hand-side shows using the HTML style same name; clicking Submit just returns the value of the first checkbox.

How to add multiple usestate calls for each checkbox?

But now we have a lot of checkboxes, so it's not practical to add multiple useState calls for each checkbox. So let's declare an array in the state indicating the state of each checkbox. To create an array equal to the length of the number of checkboxes, we can use the array fill method like this:

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