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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Randomizer mod?

Randomizer is a mod that is intended to be used in a modpack. Every time you break a block, you don't get the drop, but instead a random item from a random mod in your modpack! Currently it is only breaking blocks, but as I get more experienced, I hope to expand it to crafting, smelting, and more! Keep in mind, this gives a random block every time.

What is random things mod?

Random Things Mod introduces a group of different options in the game which are somehow not very similar to each other. Explaining this modification is very difficult because it contains a variety of features that belong from several directions.

What is Minecraft but loot are randomized data pack?

Minecraft But Loot Are Randomized Data Pack 1.17.1 randomizes every loot table in the game. With this data pack, everything suddenly becomes an unknown variable. You’ll never know what you’ll get after breaking a woodblock. Will you get something useful? Or something useless? This data pack can be an enjoyable challenge for you.

How do you get randomite?

When mined, you are able to obtain, Emerald, Diamond, Raw Gold, Raw Iron, Raw Copper, Lapis, Coal, Redstone, Quartz, Slime Balls and Eggs randomly from this ore. You need an Iron Pickaxe or better to mine this ore. The Randomite ore will generate naturally in the world with a similar rarity to Gold Ore.

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