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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know all the Undertale characters?

The MBTI® Of Undertale Characters Alphys - INTP. Alphys is the poster child for introverts, and her great intellect as a Royal Scientist makes her an INTP. W.D. Gaster - INTJ. ... Napstablook - ISFP. ... Mettaton - ESFP. ... Sans - ENFJ. ... Bratty And Catty - ENFP. ... Toriel - INFJ. ... River Person - ISTJ. ... Undyne - ISFJ. ... Asgore - ESFJ. ... More items...

Which Undertale character are You?

Undyne. If this warrior girl monster is your Undertale character, you are a lucky person. Undyne is portrayed as a strong, passionate, and determined personality that even her body cannot resist her determination level—and that is why she melts before she dies (Oops!

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