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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the distance between Montreal and Quebec City?

The distance between Montreal and Québec City is approximately 145 miles, or 233 kilometers. The average train journey between these two cities takes 4 hours, although the absolute fastest you could get there is 3 hours and 46 minutes.

Is Montreal and Quebec the same place?

Montreal is much larger, more cosmopolitan, many more places to explore, eat & shop. Quebec City is much smaller, it's old town much larger and more picturesque and Montreal's. The surrounding countryside is also easier to get to from Quebec City, with idyllic Ile d' Orleans nearby to Charlevoix country along the St. Lawrence about 90 miles away.

How many miles between Montreal and Quebec City?

Yes, the driving distance between Montreal to Quebec is 253 km. It takes approximately 2h 59m to drive from Montreal to Quebec. Get driving directions

Is it better to visit Montreal or Quebec City?

While Montreal certainly has its merits, many people overlook its neighbor to the northeast. Quebec City is under three hours from the Vermont border, and rivals Montreal in atmosphere, food, history, and nightlife. It’s not as busy as Montreal and you probably can’t get poutine at 4:00 AM after a night out, but you won’t care.

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