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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Quebec really part of Canada?

Québec became one of the founding members of the Dominion of Canada on 1 July 1867 when it joined New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Ontario in Confederation. Province of Canada Québec’s entry into Confederation is deeply tied to that of Ontario's.

What does the Quebec flag symbolize?

The "Quebec" signal flag, called the "Yellow Jack", is a simple yellow flag that was historically used to signify a vessel was, or might be, harboring a dangerous disease and needed to be quarantined (it stands for “Q”). However, in modern usage, the flag indicates the opposite, signaling: "My vessel is healthy and I request free pratique".

What is the history and meaning of Quebec flag?

The Québec Flag History. Adopted by the Government of Québec in 1948, the Québec flag pays tribute to the French roots of much of the province’s population. In Québec it’s called the fleurdelisé, meaning “with the fleur-de-lis.”. Let’s take a look at its history, symbols, and how it came to be under the French Regime and British ...

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