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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a quarterstaff in 5e D&D?

Making the most of the quarterstaff in 5E D&D A quarterstaff in 5E D&D is a versatile weapon, and I don’t mean only because of the Versatile weapon property. A quarterstaff is a simple melee weapon any character can use and even if an adventurer can’t muster 2 silver pieces, finding a suitably stout length of wood might serve the same purpose.

Is the quarterstaff a simple weapon?

I’m beginning to think the quarterstaff isn’t a very simple weapon at all. Compared to every other simple melee weapon pound for pound a quarterstaff is generally superior, topping clubs, greatclubs, light hammers, handaxes, maces and sickles overall.

Is it better to use a quarterstaff at Level 6?

And, yes, if it is a mundane quarterstaff, the unarmed strikes will be better starting at level 6 (for overcoming damage reduction for non-magical weapons), but if the quarterstaff is magical in any way (even a +1 quarterstaff), the weapon continues to outshine the unarmed attack in every way. “It is a better world.

Do quarterstaff magic items require attunement?

While nearly every official 5E D&D quarterstaff magic item requires attunement, many of them have no other requirements meaning a character of any class can put them to good use.

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