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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you qualify for a reduced fee?

You can show you qualify for a reduced fee if your household income is between 150% – 200% of the poverty guidelines. Check your family income against Form I-942P, Income Guidelines for Reduced Fees, to see if you qualify. If you qualify for the reduced fee, provide your federal tax returns as proof of your income. If for some reason you did ...

Do you qualify for free health care?

You may also qualify for free or low-cost coverage through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Your household size and income, not your employment status, determine what health coverage you’re eligible for and how much help you’ll get paying for coverage. If you just lost your job and your job-based insurance

Do you qualify for life insurance?

With increased physical health, you may be able to qualify for life insurance without a medical exam. LeapLife offers a great opportunity for consumers seeking a life insurance policy that are in good health. In fact, you can find policies that won’t even require a medical exam. A history of mental health conditions can be an ongoing battle.

Do you qualify for the EIC?

The minimum age to claim the EIC is generally age 19; however, if you are a qualified former foster youth or a qualified homeless youth, you need to be at least age 18. If you are a specified student (other than a qualified former foster youth or a qualified homeless youth), you need to be at least age 24.

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