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Frequently Asked Questions

Is log and log base 10 the same thing?

They are. Common Logarithmic Function. Natural Logarithmic Function. The log function with base 10 is called the “common logarithmic functions” and the log with base e is called the “natural logarithmic function”. The logarithmic function is defined by, if log a b = x, then a x = b.

How do you calculate log base?

c = log a c and l o g a a = 1. But, to calculate logs in general there are a number of methods. For logs base e, otherwise known as natural logs, typically written ln, we have, for small x ln ( 1 + x) = x − x 2 / 2 + x 3 / 3 − x 4 / 4 +... That formula can be used together with one log fact to calcu Continue Reading Related Answer Quora User

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