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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a log handler in Python?

Python Logging Handler The log handler is the component that effectively writes/displays a log: Display it in the console (via StreamHandler), in a file (via FileHandler), or even by sending you an email via SMTPHandler, etc. Each log handler has 2 important fields: A formatter which adds context information to a log.

How many loggers should I use in Python?

Python’s logging documentation recommends that you should only attach each handler to one logger and rely on propagation to apply handlers to the appropriate child loggers.

How do I add logging to my Python program?

Adding logging to your Python program is as easy as this: With the logging module imported, you can use something called a “logger” to log messages that you want to see. By default, there are 5 standard levels indicating the severity of events. Each has a corresponding method that can be used to log events at that level of severity.

What is the difference between logger level and log handler level?

By default, its value is True. A level: Like the log handler level, the logger level is used to filter out “less important” logs. Except, unlike the log handler, the level is only checked at the “child” logger; once the log is propagated to its parents, the level will not be checked.

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