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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Python logging?

the python logging can already do that afaik. if you use a different logger object in each app, you can make each one use a different name by instantiating your logger s like so: logger = logging.getLogger (myAppName). note that __name__ is the python module name, so if each app is its own python module, that would work as well.

What are formatters in logrecord?

Formatters specify the layout of log records in the final output. Log event information is passed between loggers, handlers, filters and formatters in a LogRecord instance. Logging is performed by calling methods on instances of the Logger class (hereafter called loggers).

How to use module-level loggers in Python?

“It is recommended that we use module-level loggers by passing __name__ as the name parameter to getLogger () to create a logger object as the name of the logger itself would tell us from where the events are being logged. __name__ is a special built-in variable in Python which evaluates to the name of the current module.” (Source)

How to format a string and pass it to a logging method?

You have seen that the logging methods take a string as an argument, and it might seem natural to format a string with variable data in a separate line and pass it to the log method. But this can actually be done directly by using a format string for the message and appending the variable data as arguments.

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