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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a handler for logging in Windows?

This handler is not appropriate for use under Windows, because under Windows open log files cannot be moved or renamed - logging opens the files with exclusive locks - and so there is no need for such a handler. Furthermore, ST_INO is not supported under Windows; stat () always returns zero for this value.

What is the FileHandler class?

The FileHandler class, located in the core logging package, sends logging output to a disk file. It inherits the output functionality from StreamHandler. class logging.FileHandler(filename, mode='a', encoding=None, delay=False, errors=None) ¶ Returns a new instance of the FileHandler class.

How to import timedrotatingfilehandler from logging?

from logging.handlers import TimedRotatingFileHandler logname = "my_app.log" handler = TimedRotatingFileHandler (logname, when="midnight", interval=1) handler.suffix = "%Y%m%d" logger.addHandler (handler)

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