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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use milliseconds in Python logging?

Python logging: use milliseconds in time format. By default logging.Formatter('%(asctime)s') prints with the following format: where 638 is the millisecond.

How to customize time format while logging?

In order to customize time format while logging we can create a logger object and and a fileHandler to it.

Is there a way to embed ISO8601 times in Python logs?

ISO8601 format times in Python logs (, -> .) would be great. This solution is handicapped, because if you have %z or %Z in your datefmt you want that to appear AFTER the msecs, not before. @Mark You can't embed the time zone in default_msec_format (as of Python 3.7) because only the time and milliseconds are substituted in.

How to get milliseconds?

I suppose the easiest way to get milliseconds is to change the comma to a decimal point (see edit above). I actually think this is the best answer due to the fact that it gets you right back to being able to use STANDARD formatting options. I actually wanted microseconds, and this was the only option that could do it!

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