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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the logging module in Python?

The Logging Module. The logging module in Python is a ready-to-use and powerful module that is designed to meet the needs of beginners as well as enterprise teams. It is used by most of the third-party Python libraries, so you can integrate your log messages with the ones from those libraries to produce a homogeneous log for your application.

How to create a log record in Python?

Before Python 3.2, there were only two places where this creation was done: Logger.makeRecord (), which is called in the normal process of logging an event. This invoked LogRecord directly to create an instance. makeLogRecord (), which is called with a dictionary containing attributes to be added to the LogRecord.

How many loggers should I use in Python?

Python’s logging documentation recommends that you should only attach each handler to one logger and rely on propagation to apply handlers to the appropriate child loggers.

How do I create a new logger?

You can create a new logger using the ‘ logger.getLogger(name) ‘ method. If a logger with the same name exists, then that logger will be used. While you can give pretty much any name to the logger, the convention is to use the __name__ variable like this: logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)'my logging message')

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