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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Python logging and how to use it?

By logging useful data from the right places, you can not only debug errors easily but also use the data to analyze the performance of the application to plan for scaling or look at usage patterns to plan for marketing. Python provides a logging system as a part of its standard library, so you can quickly add logging to your application.

How do I configure the logging module?

The following functions configure the logging module. They are located in the logging.config module. Their use is optional — you can configure the logging module using these functions or by making calls to the main API (defined in logging itself) and defining handlers which are declared either in logging or logging.handlers.

What happens if no logging configuration is provided?

If no logging configuration is provided, it is possible to have a situation where a logging event needs to be output, but no handlers can be found to output the event. The behaviour of the logging package in these circumstances is dependent on the Python version.

How can I remove the default handlers and reconfigure logging?

You can remove the default handlers and reconfigure logging like this: # if someone tried to log something before basicConfig is called, Python creates a default handler that # goes to the console and will ignore further basicConfig calls.

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