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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major interests of psychology?

Psychology’s provenance is not only huge but it focuses most on those elements that give human experience its richness. Its major interests include: • Emotions from affection to guilt to revenge, and all the other feelings that stir human behavior • Memory, the repository of experience, ours to summon up at will

How does psychology influence legal decisions?

The fallibility of eyewitness testimony is one important recent finding of psychology to influence legal proceedings. High-stakes performance—whether on the playing field or in the concert hall—attracts psychologists who help highly skilled individuals function under intense pressure.

How is psychology used in the military?

The military utilizes psychology to help troops to prepare for and recover from the stresses of combat, to maintain morale, and to understand enemy strategies. Military psychologists may engage in research as well as practice. There are many other subfields of psychology.

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