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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of jobs are available in psychology?

People with bachelor’s degrees in psychology can work in many fields; many find jobs in public affairs, education, business, sales, service industries, health, the biological sciences and computer programming. They may also work as employment counselors, interviewers, personnel analysts, probation officers and writers.

What are jobs related to psychology?

In fact, only about 25 percent of psychology majors work directly in a psychology-related field after graduation. One of the reasons for this is that most psychology-related jobs, such as therapist, counselor and psychologist, require a graduate level education.

What are the jobs in England?

New England settlers found work as fishermen, dock workers, sailors, shipbuilders, merchants and artisans. Most people farmed, but the poor soil made anything but bare subsistence farming impossible.

What is the career of psychology?

Psychology Careers. Psychology is the study of human and animal mental processes and behavior, usually accomplished by observing, recording and interpreting behavior over a long period of time. In practice, psychology careers also include many forms of helping others with their mental health.

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