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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find empirical research articles in psychology?

To locate empirical research articles in psychology, use the PsycINFO database. To access the PsycINFO database from the library homepage: Click on the letter P, and scroll down to find PsycINFO in the list.

What are current issues in psychology?

Current Issues in Health Psychology. While health psychologists engage in a wide variety of activities, the following are just a few of the current issues in health psychology: Stress reduction. Weight management. Smoking cessation. Improving daily nutrition. Reducing risky sexual behaviors.

What is current research in psychology?

Current Research in Social Psychology (CRISP) is a peer reviewed, electronic journal publishing theoretically driven, empirical research in major areas of social psychology. Publication is sponsored by the Center for the Study of Group Processes at the University of Iowa, which provides free access to its contents.

Is psychology considered a social study?

Social psychology is the study of social behavior and the role of social factors on individual behavior. Social psychologists conduct research in laboratory settings to study the relationships between people and situations.

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