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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Hard Reset my PS3?

Hard Reset procedure for the PS3 (as instructed by Sony CS). Be sure to backup your settings/games saves by doing a System > Backup on your PS3 or you may lose your game saves! Also, this is a last resort procedure prior to exchanging/returning to sony. 1. Power Off the PS3 via the power switch in back and power back on w/switch.

How do you reset a frozen PS3 controller?

Press and hold the Power button on the PS3. If your PS3 is frozen, you can perform a manual reset. You'll have to do this from the console itself, as your controllers are likely frozen as well. Hold the Power button for about 30 seconds. You'll hear three rapid beeps and your PS3 will turn itself off.

How do I change the resolution on my PS3 screen?

Use the PS3 controller to finish setting up the HDMI image. You may have to press the PS button on the controller to turn it on first. Navigate to "Settings" → "Display Settings". You can set the correct resolution from here. Know why you would use Safe Mode.

What happens when you delete data on a PS3?

Notices When you perform this operation, all data in the system storage will be deleted. Also, the system software will be restored to its default settings. Do not turn off the PS3™ system during this operation. If the operation is cancelled before completion, the system software may become damaged, and the system may require servicing or exchange.

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