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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a PS3 Slim cost?

The redesigned PS3 Slim sells for $118 (120GB), $84 (160GB), $96 (250GB), and $86 (320GB). Lastly, the final redesign, the PS3 Super Slim, sells for $67 (12GB), $105 (250GB), and $87 (500GB).

What is the lifespan of PS3 Slim?

The slim PS3 appears to have a lifespan greater than 3 years as I still have mine, my friends all have theirs, and they are the gaming console least likely to be returned. Chances are that gamestop employee was stating opinion based on nothing but hatred towards the opposing competition so he could justify purchasing a 360 over a PS3.

What are the measurements of the PS3 Slim?

The dimensions of the PS3 Slim are: 290 X 65 X 290 mm (Width X Height X Length) The dimensions of the PS3 "Fat" are: 324 X 98 X 274 mm (Width X Height X Length) The Slim has not been designed to stand upright without an extra stand which I think costs about £15 more on Amazon.

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