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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Providence Christian Academy?

Providence Christian Academy comes alongside you to provide innovative programs and attentive staff that will help equip your child for life's challenges. We are a welcoming, covenant, Christ-centered community that values relationships and the partnership between home and school.

Why choose Providence High School?

We set high academic standards with a supportive environment so students can thrive academically and spiritually. Our "classical" curriculum matches how children learn in each grade and is rich in math, science, and the liberal arts, leading Providence seniors to score in the top 20% of SAT scores nationwide—higher than other nearby schools.

What are people saying about Providence?

“Providence is a step above most other private schools in the area academically... Also, they are unapologetic about being thoroughly Christian in every aspect, which was important to our family.” “I had the pleasure of working with, and guiding, a 3rd and a 5th grade class tour of the State Capitol...

What is the win Center at Providence?

Providence's new sports performance facility known as the WIN Center has been a huge hit with students and staff. Check out today's article in the Gwinnett Daily Post and scroll through the pictures to get a look at the 12,500-square foot facility.

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