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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Providence a Christian School?

Welcome. Providence Christian School is part of the San Joaquin Valley Christian School Association, which includes Providence Christian and Stone Ridge Christian High School. Though we are only 5 years old, we have deep roots in the greater Merced area and are thriving as a great place for students to grow academically in a Christian environment.

What is Providence School?

Providence College is a Catholic College in Rhode Island and New England. Located just outside of the Providence downtown, and a relatively short distance from Boston and New York City. Providence College offers top tier athletic programs, a nationally ranked School of Business, stellar academic programs, and fantastic campus facilities.

What is a classical Christian School?

A classical Christian school is a community of parents and teachers who share a commitment for teaching children to love learning and grow in godliness. Smaller class sizes ensure that teachers know their students and are better able to serve them individually. Students know they are loved and not just another face in the crowd.

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