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Frequently Asked Questions

What words have vowel sound?

The technique of using words with the same vowel sound is assonance. That means that the neighboring words have the same vowel combinations, and it is a figure of speech often used in poetry. The opposite figure of speech is known as alliteration, and it refers to the repetition of the same consonant in neighboring words.

What are some English words without vowels?

For the first, the answer is simple: there are no English words spelled without vowels. The second is more complicated, but for my purposes, I will be going with the familiar, so the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) as my pronunciation guide, and my local English accent,...

Does every word have a vowel?

Every syllable in every word must have a vowel. English is a "vocal" language; Every word must have a vowel. 3. "C" followed by "e, i or y" usually has the soft sound of "s". Examples: "cyst", "central", and "city".

Is there any word without a vowel?

As fas as I know, there is no term that means "a word without vowels" except the obvious: vowelless. Maybe 'consonantal', the word that describes an alphbet with no vowels.

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