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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem afafk Arena promo codes?

AFK Arena promo codes are redeemed via an external website outside of the game. Head to the code redemption site and enter your UID along with the desired promo code to get free items.

How do deals in AFK arena work?

The more money you spend in the game, the more deals you will get in the Store. If you never spend money in AFK Arena, you will get a $0.99 deal every time you reach a new milestone. This deal provides excellent value. If you have already spent some money in the game, you will get a $24.99 deal instead with less value.

What are the codes for AFK Arena 2021?

All Working AFK Arena Codes Full List of All Codes ayqcttc36x – 200 Diamonds + 200k Gold – Added on April 11, 2021. aaz27uvgfi – 3000 Diamonds + 10 Summon Scrolls + 10 Faction Scrolls + 10 Stargazing Cards – Added on April 06, 2021.

What happened to the redemption button in AFK Arena?

Since December 1, Lilithgames has changed the way to redeem the codes in AFK Arena. The redemption code button has been removed and players now need to use an external website to get the rewards!

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