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Frequently Asked Questions

Who appointed Snape as Professor of defence against the Dark Arts?

At the start-of-term feast at Hogwarts, Dumbledore announced he had finally appointed Snape as Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts, much to Harry's shock and displeasure.

What kind of Teacher Is Snape?

In the books, Snape is one of the youngest teachers to be recruited at Hogwarts school.

How would you describe Severus Snape as a professor?

As a professor, Snape was a stickler for discipline, with little patience for foolishness, yet extremely effective in his job and well respected by the other professors. His deep understanding of potion brewing, as shown by his expert concoction of Wolfsbane Potion, transformed the knowledge of potions from mere chemistry to an art.

What is the relationship between Snape and McGonagall?

McGonagall, like Snape, was very strict, but much more fair, as noted by Harry Potter. McGonagall was Snape's Transfiguration professor when he was a student and likely admired his brilliance. "Coward! COWARD!" — McGonagall attempts to apprehend Snape after he flees the castle during the Battle of Hogwarts [src]

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