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Frequently Asked Questions

Who played Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter films?

Smith played Professor Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter film series (2001–2011).

Why is Professor McGonagall in the bathroom with Professor Snape?

When Ron and Harry save Hermione from a grisly fate with the troll in The Sorcerer’s Stone, Professor McGonagall bursts into the girl’s bathroom along with Professor Snape.

What kind of Hat does Professor McGonagall wear?

Professor McGonagall’s hat features a bendable wired brim for achieving just the right shape. Be sure to check the size chart if you view a different item because the sizes will vary. A fashion look from April 2013 featuring holiday party dresses, heeled ankle boots and beading jewelry. Browse and shop related looks.

What fabric were Professor McGonagall's robes made of?

The robes were made of a red tartan fabric.1 Her dress robes reflected Professor McGonagall's Scottish... Harry Potter studio tour: Professor McGonagall costume | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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