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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AMD working to improve power management and thermal readings?

As the report notes, AMD has been working to improve overall problems with power management and thermal readings in its upcoming CPU lineup. Given that for the past few generations we have seen reports about incorrect readings of AMD CPU temperatures, this would be welcome news.

How to adjust the processor power on Windows 10?

Starting with AMD Chipset Driver, the processor power can be adjusted via Performance and Energy slider on systems running Windows 10 2004 and later. The middle position of the slider – Is the Windows default, corresponding with the standard settings for the Windows 10 “Balanced” power plan.

How do I change the maximum processor state?

Lower percenatage may result in better battery life, but possibly lower performance.") Then the "Processor Power Manager" setting and "Maximum processor state" value is shown in Power Options / Advanced Settings dialog window. I can change it and see it is updated when running "powercfg query“ in Command window:

How can I reduce the maximum performance of my CPU?

It is very possible that you cannot easily reduce the maximum performance of your CPU because the PROCESSOR POWER MANAGEMENT option is missing from ADVANCED POWER OPTIONS. Fortunately there is an easy fix: Set the PROCESSOR POWER MANAGEMENT > MAXIMUM PROCESSOR STATE > PLUGGED IN and/or ON BATTERY to some lesser number, like 75%

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