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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I set the minimum processor state to 100%?

Only when you need to change the power plan to high performance, you are recommended to set min processor state to 100% better with a good cooling system. Yet, a high-performance power plan won’t help much in improving computer performance but waste power quickly. Should I set the Minimum Processor State to 99%?

How to use maximum CPU power in Windows 10?

How to Use Maximum CPU Power in Windows 10 1 Right click the Start menu and select Control Panel . 2 Click Hardware and Sound . 3 Select Power Options . 4 Find Processor power management and open the menu for Minimum processor state . 5 Change the setting for on battery to 100% . See More....

What is the minimum processor state to save battery life?

Some users may rely on setting the Minimum Processor State to 0% to save battery life. Yet, the default 5% is already a minimal power consumption. By reducing it from 5% to 1% or 0% won’t help much. You should find other ways to save your power like optimize the sleep mode and change your power plan.

How to add/remove minimum processor state in Windows 10?

How to Add/Remove Minimum Processor State? 1 Search “ cmd ” and open it as administrator. 2 Type the following command orders into the CMD and press Enter to execute the orders. Or, you can just copy and paste the orders into your command prompt. ... 3 Close the CMD.

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